Happy Birthday, Panget!

To the first person I ever let in my life, 

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m sorry for not being there on your special day. Alam kong nagtatampo ka kasi feel mo sinadya ko :p Time just didn’t permit me. Anyway! Alam kong marami na rin akong absences na birthdays mo 😦 Huhu. And if napansin mo, now ko lang to ginawa. As in blog post or whatever. 

Maybe it’s because this time, we’re so unsure of everything. Next year, di natin alam if ganito pa rin. Eto lang kasi yung birthday mo na marami akong masasabi since, to be honest, ngayon lang tayo ulit  naging ganito ka-attached talaga sa isa’t-isa. You were always out there, during our 1st 3 years in HS, I always thought that we’d never really become legit close ever again. But as fate would have it, ironically, nung 4th year pa talaga tayo nagkasabay lagi and all. Same goes for the kada, actually. I never thought that the way I loved you guys before was actually nothing compared to now. (ang dali kasi ma-attach na e) Haha! So.. Mycah Tolentino, what can I say about your 16th?

As far as I know, you’ve matured a lot compared to last year. Honestly, you’ve been better. I feel more comfortable with you now than before. You finally learned how to be strong for yourself. What can I say? I’m proud of you. I will always be proud of you. 

You’ve finally become the person I always thought you would be when we were little kids! Haha. Believe me, the way you protect me (and us), is definitely like no other. I always tell Xtel, or some people, how gentle you can be every time we’d go home together! Haha. But jsyk, I appreciate the little things. I appreciate everything, Myc. Thank you so so much ☺  

We messed up, a lot. We fought so many times, too. But I’m glad we still made it ( ay parang kanta =)) ). Anyway, I hope you know that I’ll always be here for you. Thank you soo much for being one of my strengths every time something just knocks me out (example: NOW). Thank you for keeping those dark secrets ;), for always trying to be there, as well. Thank you so so much for slowly changing into a much better and beautiful person that you are now. Thank you for the support you always give me. Thank you so so much for being you, the first person I let in my life, the first person who protected me as much as she could.

I’d like to start over with you (yuck tayo e?), which means.. no more hard feelings, or whatsoever anymore. Wee 16 ka na!! You’ll drive me remember? I’m your princess, too! 😦 🙂 Mwaha. Happy happy 16th Birthday, bab!! :* I love you lots. I swear to God, I do. Kahit super labo mo kausap…. Kahit minsan di kita magets :(( Okay lang, sige.. Love you! I hope you’ll enjoy your day. No bad vibes okay? Promise me. I want you to enjoy. I will give you your super special gift days from now ♥ Make your mom and dad proud! They love you okay? Kung alam mo lang.. =)) ☺ Please smile. For me 🙂 

Enjoy and have fun on your special day, bab! >:D< I miss and love you like crazy. From first day of Prep to first day of HS to first day of College, I’m glad you’ll be with me 😉 *proud* I love you, happy 16th birthday! >:D<



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