I miss the scent that makes my head turn around every time – just because I know he’s there; he’s around.

And the way I would always feel fragile and safe whenever he hugs me.

I miss the breakfast & lunch dates, the occasional weekend hangouts, the after-school time. I miss calling him whenever I want to. I miss the comfortable silences he used to hate, the stories I would hear at the end of a school day.

I even miss fighting with him sometimes. I was confident enough to know that we can talk afterwards; we can fix things easily- it won’t even take a quarter of an hour. Now, things are handled with care. The relationship itself is fragile because of the distance- the thousands of miles between us. 

I am happy with chasing everything I’ve ever dreamt of ever since, but I do miss and long for my person. 

Being 4,500 miles away is making me a reaaal paranoid- being so affected with the littlest things and random girls and everything else. It makes me over-think every single time. It makes me ache for the best days again. 

On the other hand, it makes me appreciate the littlest and the simplest joys- the video calls, the good night and good morning messages, the stories at the end of the day.. Trust, at the end of the day, is the most important thing you will ever get to hold and cherish. I get to value things even more.

I love this city, but I really, really can’t wait to be with you again. I miss you so much.


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