The past days may have been really challenging for me, but it is definitely making me stronger. than ever.

I realized something important. I already know this, but it is only now that I can fully grasp the meaning of it. 

At the end of the day, the only thing you have is yourself.

When I give, I really give, and many people are aware of that. But oftentimes, I think we all have to stop and think if we’re leaving enough for ourselves. The only way we can cope up and deal with everything is when we have enough self-love, when we know for a fact that we also deserve the good things. 

Another is that I am truly, greatly blessed when it comes to family and friends. They keep me sane. They keep me going everyday. The thing with friends is sometimes, the ones you love the most turn out to be the disappointing ones. But that’s okay, in that way, you can clearly see the people who are willing to do anything for you. There are friends who would drop everything just to check on you, just to see if you can still handle things. And with all the luck in the world, every single time, there are quite a number of people who help me carry my baggages, there are people who are willing to go through shit with me. And for me, that’s the best and I mean the best thing in my life right now. 

Most of all, thank You, Jesus, for absorbing all the pain. I am grateful, and I love You the most.

This time, I will be better. I will be stronger for the people who are leaning on me. And this time, I will also drop everything when the time comes that those people will need me. Anything.. Anything. 

Thank You. Thank you. I am loved. And for that, I am forever grateful. 


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