One day at a time

I have been here for 17 days, but I’ve learned so many things already!

To my dear friends, I am going to make you proud. 

15 things I learned in 2 and a half weeks (more to come)!!!!!! :

1. how to bathe a 4-year old

2. how to cook rice perfectly 

3. how to cook / make oatmeal.. with the right amount of milk and brown sugar 

4. how to make the perfect coffee – not too strong, not too bland


6. how to put a 4-year old to sleep

7. how to watch and actually wait for teleseryes (lessens homesickness a lot)

8. how to make and bake the perf red velvet cake and ny cheesecake *wink*

9. how to put the groceries in the pantry, fridge and elsewhere. not to mention, i also carry them out from the car!

10. how to operate the washing machine and the dryer (although im still getting the hang of it)

11. how to SCREW my corkboard onto the wall.. nope, i dint use double-sided.. i used screws

12. how to be have my luggage as my cabinet for 15 days.. it takes a LOT of patience and neatness

13. how to sleep alone with the lights off in my room

14. how to regularly check the mailbox (not as boring as i imagined it to be)

15. how to just let things be. what’s meant to happen will happen 🙂 

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