Best things in my life

20 of the best feelings in the entire universe for me 🙂 

1. Finally letting your pee out after a painfully long time ( I AM SORRY BUT IT’S TRUE )

2. Waking up snuggled in a comfy bed with duvet and pillows with the sun’s rays going through the curtains

3. Breakfast with the entire family

4. Being in one room with all of your favorite people

5. That hug and kiss after the longest time

6. The warmth you feel after being in a reaaally cold place for a long time

7. That familiar smell you get after being away from a certain person / place / thing after a long time

8. Quiet evenings with the people closest to you- reminiscing about old times, having a good laugh and everything in-between

9. Realizing that you’ve come so far without actually noticing it

10. THAT stare. The look of assurance and certainty.

11. Fresh and clean sheets. Period.

12. 911 calls from friends- and being the fastest ambulance to come to their rescue

13. Staying in on a Friday night with good food & good company

14. When you finally get what you have been craving for the longest time

15. Waking up in a  much better place after a bad / stressful day 

16. Sleeping and waking up next to your favorite person 

17. Impromptu family trips – near or far

18. When your jeans FINALLY get a little loose

19. realizing you have more time to sleep-in on a rainy day 

20. The little things and intimate moments- holding someone’s hands, a baby’s laugh, etc

Life is beautiful- beyond beautiful. You just got to appreciate the little things, and make the most out of it 🙂 

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