Beyond grateful

I will blog about my celeb this weekend when the month ends. 

but for now, let me just share a few realizations / thoughts I had for the past days.

1. It is possible, very very possible, to “fall in love all over again” with one person. I KNOW, my friends are getting a kick out of this cause they haven’t seen me this cheesy before, but I swear, it’s true!! HAHAHA

2. There are some instances where words aren’t needed anymore; moments can just get you just like that. 

3. Real friends find a way to get to you every single time.

4. There will be times when you will feel like you’ve been healed, but when you see certain things or people, the feeling will jst strike again. Then you will realize that in a way, you will never be the same. 

5. A family that eats buffet all the freaking time gets fat together.

6. One of the most heartwarming and best feelings in the world is when someone really important to you reaches out to the people/ friends who mean the MOST to you. It’s like having all the best in your life in one plate.

7. A few non-toxic friends can make up a good company.

8. Hearing “I am happy for you”, “I’ve never seen you so relaxed and happy” and all those other things from your bestest friends in the ENTIRE universe means a lot….. means so much.

9. Happiness is a choice; PMS-ing is a choice, too….. Or maybe not

10. A wonderful room with the comfiest bed and duvet and the softest pillow can make an 8-hour sleep feel like a 2-day hibernation.

11. Nothing can beat a weekend with your big family w cousins, etc, closest friends, special people in the nicest venues (with food, of course).

Thank you, God. I don’t think I can ask for anything more than this. I love You, thank You. 


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