Every tick of the clock counts.

10 days. 10 more days before I officially become an adult.. Also, I  have 10 more days to enjoy Summer 2013.

I get this bittersweet feeling every time I am reminded that this season’s ending soon. Really soon. It turned out to be exceptional. The past weeks made it seem like I was dreaming- the days and nights were too fast and fun and unforgettable. 
Reality was out of the picture almost every time. It was refreshing and fulfilling to escape for a while and see old (and new) people, to be with them and to just enjoy the limited but seemed endless nights.  

The past weeks made me feel alive again, made me feel like everyday was not a routine. Rather, it was full of surprises and adventures. It made me realize that I should stop being too dependent on some people, for it can cause me so much misery. Freedom and independence are two things I had almost every day this summer.

I can say that it is bittersweet since I never want it to end, but of course, I know it has to. On the other hand, the positive side of reality’s happening again. My life’s about to take a full turn in just a month and a half. I am nervous and excited and sad and overwhelmed ALL at the same time.

I have 10 days to enjoy and to make each day matter. I have 10 days to gather and meet up with all my favorite people in the world and include them in my dreamlike escape from reality.

I am going to make it count. I am going to make it happen.


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