Doors are closing, trying to move ahead

We meet people every day. Maybe we remember them, maybe we don’t. But some of them will be a part of us. We will have a something with them- a relationship, may it be platonic or romantic.  

It has to end at some point, though. But they will always, always leave something behind for us to keep. In the end, we will be on a solo trip again, looking forward to the next set of people who will leave something for us.

But every once in a while, we welcome people who will stay for a long time in our lives. They will bring change- the good kind, hopefully. We may not notice it, but they help us overcome lots of things, they’ll give us reasons to go through the rough edges of everyday. 

By the time they make their exit, we may feel lost, we may feel all the emotions one could ever feel, but after a while, their effect will be seen on us. 


We will feel stronger and better than ever before. And trust me, no matter how good or bad their exit was, all we can do is thank them. For all the right reasons

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