The best things in life are free

My friends have always known me as someone who can shop and eat all the pain away. These things can make me happy. In fact, it puts me in my happiest state. For such a long time, I actually believed that these are the best things in life. 

But today, I got to know the real meaning of  the saying “the best things in life are free”. 

It is all about shared laughters and smiles and inside jokes and that we-really-click feeling with a certain person. It is looking at someone’s face and slowly realising that you have never felt more alive and better before. It is all about the long hugs, the kisses and the holding hands.

It is also realizing that what others say about relationships may not be exactly true, that things may actually get better and happier in the long run. It is about being happier everyday, being more loved and cared. It is about hearing the simplest but the sweetest words from the person who means so much to you.

It is about being in a team, having someone who supports you and fights for you every single day. It is having someone who will be your comfort zone, the only one who can make you feel so secured and safe. 

It can also be being with real friends- being with people who will support you no matter what path you choose to take, no matter what the distance may be. It is about unexpected letters and messages from people you care about. It is about the good nights and days- doing your firsts, doing things you never expected you’d do.

The best things in life are definitely free. And I hope you know that because of you, I have come to realize and believe in that, as well.


 I’m not sure where this is gonna go, but in this moment all I know is the skyline through the window, the moon above you and the streets below. Hold my breath as you’re moving in, taste your lips and feel your skin, when the time comes, baby, don’t run, just kiss me slowly.

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