To my paranoid parrot

To the most selfless person I know;

For all those times you stood by me

For all the truth that you made me see

For all the joy you brought to my life

For all the wrong that you made right

For every dream you made come true

For all the love I found in you

I’ll be forever thankful baby

You’re the one who held me up

Never let me fall

You’re the one who saw me through through it all

You gave me wings and made me fly

You touched my hand I could touch the sky

I lost my faith, you gave it back to me

You said no star was out of reach

You stood by me and I stood tall

I had your love I had it all

I’m grateful for each day you gave me

Maybe I don’t know that much

But I know this much is true

I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were always there for me

The tender wind that carried me

A light in the dark shining your love into my life

You’ve been my inspiration

Through the lies you were the truth

My world is a better place because of you

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn’t speak

You were my eyes when I couldn’t see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach

You gave me faith ‘coz you believed

I’m everything I am

Because you loved me

For some reason. I’ve been waiting for months for this. Maybe it’s because it would be too weird to tell you these things on a regular day, and I know na this might be my only chance to tell you everything I’ve realized this year.

Hello, besh! Let me start by telling you (and everyone reading this) that the 9 years we’ve been together was not a smooth road. Rather, it was rough, full of bumps along the way. At some point, the road collapsed. After a while, 2 people rebuilt it. But at that time, it was smoother and better.

You are like my favorite pillow, you know that? Every day, I go and live life in school or outside the house. I get hurt sometimes. Other times, I become too happy. But at the end of the day, the warmth and comfort will always come from you. You always welcome me back, you always catch me whenever I’m about to fall apart. At the end of the day, you will be the one I will lean on to, the one who won’t speak, but will listen to me all throughout.

Of all the people who told me that they will never ever judge me for the mistakes I made or will make, you are the one who actually meant it whole-heartedly. I was not ready to speak, I wasn’t for a long time. It’s funny how we got closer when we weren’t in the same school anymore. I never knew I would be THIS close to you. I can never thank you enough for believing in me in everything, for not leaving my side, for sticking with me THROUGH ANYTHING (chismis man yan from the people I love din. Sigh), for being the only one (outside my family) who can make me feel what selfless love is.

Thank you for proving me that the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. The longer we don’t see each other, the more I look forward to talking to you and updating you with everything. Remember when I visited you last Feb 1? I almost cried nung pabalik ka na sa room! Hahah =))

Thank you for also proving that love can really be so much better and sweeter the second time around. When you came back 3 years ago, I never thought that we could be closer than our GS days. I never thought it would reach to this point wherein I wouldn’t really know how to keep my sanity without you. Everything is better, so much better.

You taught me how to open up to people, to put down my walls every once in a while, to risk while we can, to love someone even if it’s hard to love them, to be open-minded about things, to not expect, to give people a chance, to be selfless and everything beyond that.

Thank you for being the best, and I mean the BEST protector that I’ve ever had. I’ve heard enough of those “Im here when you need me” lines, but for someone to actually mean those words is different. You were always ready to kick someone’s ass whenever I cried. You always make time for me whenever I need you, with or without things to do. You always, always support me when you know that I am really happy with the things I choose. Every time I meet someone new na may potential.. Hahaha, you always remind me to decide carefully, to stick to whoever’s making me GENUINELY happy.. you never ever bashed someone I really care about, and I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

I remember being jealous of some people cause theyre super close to you nung fourth year, we even fought about that remember? Hahaha. But still, I learned to love them as well because of you.

When I was broken beyond repair, you never left my side, you always encouraged me to try again, to do better cause you always knew I could do it. You made me believe that I was strong, and because of that, I actually became strong.

I’ve never met anyone who believed in me so much. Every time I feel like giving up, you always encourage me to do my best, to continue, cause you make me feel strong.. all the time. I can never thank you enough for telling me the truth all the time, masakit or hindi. I appreciate you telling me things straight to my face, even if I may not like it.

For this year, I wish you nothing but happiness. This is our time to shine, remember? 🙂 We’re finally happy, after the looong wait.. Eto na. I just wish na maging for a long, long time yung happiness and stability mo. Cause you deserve it, I promise. You deserve all the good things, the best things cause you are one of the best people I have ever known. You’re a great person, and you deserve the greatest things in life. Know that so many people love you, esp me! Hehe. I hope you stop being so paranoid kasi wala ka naman dapat winoworry -___- Hahaha! I am hoping the best for you, especially in school kasi alam kong nasstress ka always 😦 I will forever be here for you – pag gusto mo ulit tumalon ng building, pag feel mo umiyak ulit ng sooobrang lakas, pag feel mo umalis lang ng random days.. Anywhere, anything, anytime. I will be here. 🙂

I hope you will enjoy your day!


I love you to the moon and back times infinity!



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