VDay 2013

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged. I often blog about looking back or my current activities, but this time, I am going to nlog about thanksgiving.. and love.

Valentine’s Day has always been an exciting day for me. With or without the flowers and balloons and whatnots, the thought of so many people getting butterflies all over again on this day makes me happy. 

For the past years, yes, I get bouquets and chocolates and the like, but everything’s soooo much different when it’s coming from someone who means so much to you. In high school, VDay was all about something on your table when you get to school, boxes with letters and chocolates and roses. Literally. After so many years in St. Scho, this year, I finally got the chance to feel and know what Valentine’s Day really is.

It’s not about the material things, it is about the thought and love that someone gives you. It’s about getting the little things from the people you love most and the people you least expected of. It’s about random acts from the most random people. It is about seeing someone you really care about after what seemed so long. It is about expressing what we dont express on ordinary days.

I could not be more grateful than this. Two years ago, all I prayed for was love from all aspects of life- family, friends and someone who can care about me WITHOUT but’s, if’s and without any expectations.. The selfless kind, you know?

Now, after the long wait, I cannot believe I am getting more than what I deserve, more than what I hoped for.

Thank You, Kuya Jess, for the most supportive family- even on ordinary days, they never really made me feel like I owe them so much. Sometimes, I wonder if the love I’m getting from them is enough to fill other people’s hearts. It is too much. It’s the most selfless thing I have ever seen.

For my HS friends, even if some of them are often MIA, most of my closest friends always go the extra mile. Even if I get to meet people everyday, I dont think anyone can replace each of their roles and spaces in me. I only have 6 friends who I can count on ANYTHING. And when I say anything, I mean.. Surprising me on VDay even if that person’s the laaaziest girl in the entire universe. That means someone surprising me (overboard nga e) on my birthday and VDay even if she can be the moodiest person you can ever know. It means someone who knows that something’s wrong with just one text, who will always try her best to be there EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, who will forever be loyal to you.. no matter what. I know you know who you are, and I can never thank you enough for being there, for staying. Even if it means keeping up with all of my PMS and mood swings and heartbreaks and feeling-heartbroken days.. Hahaha. I love you, and I could never ask for a better life.

For my 3 girls, for always covering up for me (hahahaha kidding :p), for always supporting me no matter what. Never did I hear any “I told you so” from any of you whenever I make a wrong decision. You always, always listened. You always try your best to understand me. Daaanie, thank you for keeping up with me everytime I breakdown for no reason.. HAHA. Couldnt ask for more. I love you 3 forever and ever ❤

For you.. I’ve never opened up like this. You broke my walls, and I have never been glad that someone finally did. Thank you for always trying to be patient, for keeping up with me, for making me feel like a princess everyday. I dont think this day can be as good without you in it. You make me happy.. every single day.
Best VDay ever. The only reason why I give so much love to everyone is because I get so much of it, as well. I am giving what I am receiving. Thank You so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! 


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