TO 2012

Just like that, one of the best years I’ve ever had is about to end.

Funny how a year can change you and everything around you. 2012 has been, and will always be, a special year for me. Not only did it bring changes that will make me grow, but also, it made me experience the beauty of the most little and simplest things.

January, 12 months ago, I was still in my comfort zone. My happy place. High school. The year kicked off with me passing in DLSU. I got to serve the DAYS weekend +95 weeks after that. Countless sneak-outs and past-curfew night-out with my friends also happened that month. After what felt like a little while, it was all over. 

February, the month of love, filled me with yes, you got it, love. Hahaha. I was pretty much floating on air the whole month. I had so many happy days and surprises (I love being surprised hahahahhaaha). I had so much to be thankful for. Started being extra close to 4c, my rebels. Haha!

March was def one of the best months. Despite the heartbreak we all got during graduation, the practices and finals and just knowing that you are going to march were enough. I had 2 straight nights of sleepover with my barkada. We were often late for the practices, too… Hahahaha. This month was also when all my relatives from Aus and US came cause of my uncle’s wedding. Grad ball was definitely bittersweet, it was fun while it lasted, but knowing that it was the last night with the people you spent 4 years with was hard enough. Our family went to Tagaytay right after I checked out from Dusit for my uncle’s wedding preparations. The last dinner we had was one of my faves. And of course, the wedding day. I spent so many nights being so excited about my dress in that wedding hahaha. March was eventful and fun and just…. wow. wonderful.

April. I came here in Aus for 2 weeks that month. Before I left, I got many surprises again. I got to go out with fam and friends before I left. Summer would never ever be complete without the fun and the excitement of talking to people you know wouldn’t really stick around for long. It was just plain fun to blush during summer nights. HAHA. We went to Gold Coast again and got to bond with my family for the longest time.

May. The month that started all the other changes I was yet to experience. I got back with the same old past-curfew night-outs and random dates and stuff. I got to bond with the people I didnt get to be with for years (literally). LPEP and the first week of classes also happened that month. It was what changed me. It started all the other things I never knew would feel so good.

June. I lost some people this month. I lost things I never thought I’d actually lose. Funny how a second can change everything. Me and my on-the-spot decisions. I often sulked. It was not a pleasant month when it comes to personal matters. But school wise, I got to gain friends I am sure I would want to be around for a looong period of time.

July. Deja vu. Everything happened so fast this month. another DWTL I got to serve. Also, I gained more than what I lost the month before. I experienced happiness, again. Random Bob’s, beach, Makati trips with my girls. We lived the life HAHAHHA

August. I was busy with school this month so I cant really remember anything special or anything that happened during that month. 

September. SG trip, start of 2nd term. It was the month that changed everything for the better. I got to keep in touch with my HS friends more, I got to be with the girls most of the time and of course, things got better… generally. Hahaha.

October. I spent this month reminiscing and realizing how lucky I am with everything I have. Blessed, indeed.

November. One of the best months.. again. Mom and aunt came, DWTL weekend, La Union weekend, etc. The month had its shares of highs and lows, but as always, the good outweighed the bad. I got to know who my real friends really are… again. Also, it was the 2nd most eventful month of the year ! Yay ❤

December. Simbang Gabi’s and Christmas shopping and the anticipation of Christmas and the new year that is about to come. I spent the month realizing each and everyday how i love my life. The people around me make me feel that way every single day. 


I cant really put all the exciting things that happened to me here this year. One thing’s for sure, despite the trials and major changes I went through this year, I owned 2012. It will always be one of the best. 

To my barkada, my best friends, rebels, closest HS friends and to my family, thank you for making this year a blast for me! Thank you for showing and making me feel again that what we are for keeps! 😉 

To the new people in my life, my college friends and everyone else, I will forever be grateful to have known you. You owned half of my year, and that’s definitely something. Thank you SO MUCH for changing me into a person who can face all the upcoming challenges with a smile. Thank you for just everything. The year was definitely amazing with you!

To 2012, for being very promising, for giving us hope that things do get better, and life is beautiful, after all. And at the end of the day, what we will gain will always be more than what will lose/we lost. People come and go, but eventually, we will get over it. Time will heal everything- from the scars we had ages ago to the recent aches we have experienced. Everything will eventually get better. 

I’m ready for you, 2013, you’ll be owned by me, once again 😉 

See you in MNL in 12 days, friends! 




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