Happy Birthday, J! <3

Some years ago, December 25 was not just an exciting day for me because it’s Christmas, it became twice as exciting cause another important person in my life was born on this day.
I’ve never really met someone who can be as laidback as her. When things get rough, she might not have the perfect words, but she always, always makes me feel her presence. 2 years ago, I experienced the most catastrophic events in my life. Even my closest friends, the ones who I thought would never turn their backs on me, eventually did. But this girl, I never, ever heard anything from her, not even an “I told you so”.

People usually ask me and comment on how much I go the extra mile for her. Whenever I feel extra lazy to even get up, the only person who could make me go out is her. Hahaha. I love shopping and baking and telling stories and sleping over and doing everything with this girl. She’s not just my best friend and my sister, she’s literally and figuratively family to me.
Weird as it may seem, but I feel like we’ve been closer recently, when I went to college. Yes, we talk less often, but we reach out to each other more.

To Jacque, thank you for always being there. I know people always say that line, but I swear I mean it. Thank you for being my fallback all the time, for wanting to be close and reaching out to the people closest to me. Whenever I get hurt, you’re always there to help me stand on my own again. Thank you for ALWAYS supporting me in whatever decision i make. You always say “basta san ka happy” and it’s not everyday that I get to hear that from someone who actually means it. Thank you for supporting me in getting Boss before, kahit alam mong chaotic life nya sakin =)) I cant thank you enough cause you’ve done so much without even knowing it.
Remember when I used to tell you things that you should and shouldnt do in high school? Especially 3rd and 4th year? It was because I wanted you to succeed, and I wanted you to be on top, to be so much better. You actually helped me put my feet on the ground despite all the accomplishments I’ve achieved all these years. we both know that many times, I took the wrong way. But with you, I always want you to go the right way, straight ahead. Know that I will forever be proud of you, you’re not just academically intelligent, you’re also street-smart, and that is why I love you (lammo namang ayoko ng slow eh hahahaha).

Anyway, I just want you to know that whatever happens and wherever I go, i will forever be here for you. In life and death situations (such as weddings and debuts HAHAHA), I would love to go home right away for yaaa 😉 Haha! You’ve been there every step of the way, and I am just returning everything back.

Happy Happy Birthday to one of the people closest to my heart! I love you, J! I’m always willing to go the extra mile for you, and I guess everyone close to us knows that! Haha. And jsyk, no matter how many other J’s I meet and love, you’ll always be my first and number one!
Happy Happy Birthday, my sister! :* You’re the best birthdaymate Jesus has ❤ Hehe. I miss you!! See you next year/ month!
PS: Bday celeb ni Mama Pigs, sooo.. we can shop before? HAHAHHA

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