Christmas 2012

Lights, instrumental Christmas music, gift-wrappers and Christmas menus get me all the time.
As what I said in my post before, the mere vibe and anticipation of Christmas are the exciting parts.
This is my first Christmas in Australia. I’d say that it’s fun, but spending it with all your cousins and relatives back home is still different, it’s still the best. Christmas 2012 has been different, but it definitely stands out- just like the year it belongs to.
Yes, I got the most useful and best gifts this year. Also, I got to spend it with my mom after 9 loong years, but when I attended the midnight Christmas mass, I got disappointed cause it was different. Very, very different. I knew that it would not be the same, but I did not expect that level of difference, too. Anyway.
It has been a good Christmas yet again. Christmas 2013, as we were planning earlier, looks very promising.
Happy happy Birthday, Jesus! Thank You so much, you know how much I owe and love you. BIL!

Hope you all had a good time!

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