Christmas in our hearts ❤

November’s passing by too fast, and of course, I am excited for the upcoming weeks and the upcoming month.

It’s not Christmas Day itself that I love; it’s the warmth and the atmosphere that I always love feeling whenever the season’s coming. The lights and sounds especially. Have you ever felt so nostalgic just bec you heard the Christmas melodies and instrumentals in malls, streets and in our homes? Have you ever felt the warmth that comes to you every time you see twinkling Christmas lights? The chilly air that runs up our spines and tingles it reminds us that indeed, Christmas has come. (More thoughts on Christmas and stuff soon)


I’ve always dreamt and imagined myself sitting across a fireplace, celebrating a White Christmas. My long and beautiful coat (I love coats, btw), my boots and my beanie will be worn on that day. The snow that is falling outside will touch my skin and remind me to seize each moment. This was what I always wanted as a kid. I still think about it sometimes, but I’ve got a greater idea now of what a happy Christmas will be like.
In reality, I celebrate Dec 25th with my cousins from my mum’s side. We get-together for lunch and gift-giving then we watch a movie in the afternoon. The oldies stay in the Alabang house, though. When we get back to the house, it’s usually a drink-til-you-get-drunk sleepover. It was always fun and memorable. It was what I was accustomed to.
But the past few years have been different. With many members of the family leaving the country, we’re getting fewer as each year passes by. It was still fun, though. But compared to what we had in the past years, it was definitely less fun.
This year, I am going to celebrate Christmas in a new way. Remember how I dreamt of that White Christmas? My mom used to tell me that I’d be having it when I turn 18, since she’ll be letting me go wherever I want to. But now, I will be in the sunny and summery suburbs and city of Melbourne with the kids I love the most.

With only 41 days to go before Christmas and around 2 weeks before the season, I wonder what will I learn and leave this year.. What I’ll be reminiscing this year might be what I was dreading for 2 years ago.. Who knows?

Kuya Jess, thank You for giving me yet again the best people. I have so much to thank for. See You on Your day. BIL!

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