Just like that..

And just like that, October’s here.

September wasn’t my month, but it was quite good. SG, new term, new experiences.. Sad thing was I dint get to spend time w my favorite people THE WHOLE MONTH. I mean, yes, I had, but the whole of September was too busy for me 😦 Sooo, I hope to change that this time.

Meanwhile, I am too excited for the last 3 months of the year!! I dont really have that much to look forward to this month. It will be full of school days + midterms week + Sat classes again 😦 But i hope to have those wonderful nights I often get before. Driving along Serendra and the North-South during midnights just because, staying at the rooftop til 3 am with my favorite people, sleepovers and heart-to-hearts, sneaking out for no naughty reason (i just wanna eat out), etc. I miss having these kinds of nights. I hope, I wish to have them soon!! 😦 I am full of optimism and hope for October, and I plan to stay that way 😉

Next month will be my busiest month! What with DWTL +98’s weekend on Nov 16-18, mum’s week-long visit starting also on the 16th, early christmas shopping, tests and quizzes (term’s about to end by this time), final projects, etc. But even if I know I’ll have no time to even comb my hair (lol), I get that excitement cause I just looove being so occupied hahah! Then December will be finals + Christmas + gift for others and self (HAHA) shopping + Aus NZ visit!!!!! Too excited for everything. Also, I made a deal with my mom. I was persuading her to “shoulder the half” of the laptop I’ll be getting since mine’s too slow and old already. Then.. 2 weeks after, told her that all I am gonna pay her is love. HAHA plus, we’re going to exchange phones if and only if I get a pretty good GPA this term *fingers crossed* I love you, Mom!!!!! So easy to persuade you (or is it just my charms ;;) ) Haha! Anyway. Aus and NZ’s just around the corner. For now, I’ve to concentrate in school and stress myself and.. Everything. Hopefully, all of these will pay off. 9 months down, 3 months to go!!! It will be as fast as the light, I just know. It’s going to be great. And unforgettable 🙂

On the other hand, I had my 18th birthday talk with mom and mama (my grandma) earlier. I realized that I dont like the idea of having a debut, as in party, for my celebration. I am one selfish girl, so I’m gon have to celebrate myself. Lol jk. Hahah! I actually suggested for another NY-Canada trip, but mom said it would be too boring, and we could do that next summer (July2013). Then I suggested for NZ trip, but then again, we’d be there on January. Sooo, while mama was thinking about giving me a Euro trip, the angel in me went out and said “I think I’d want to do that alone. When I reach 21. It’s in my bucket list.” HAHAH! Still thinking of where to go for my 18th! I will surely have a celeb w family and friends, but the trip will be like 2 months after my birthday. Any suggestions?? Just tell me LOL

ALSO!!! I am finally making a decent (and feasible) bucket list. I was too excited before, and I dint think about the feasibility of those things. I dint even have target dates / age. Will also post that later!! Lol.

Hoping for a very good month! Be w me all the way, yes? Good night 🙂

xx C

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