Funny how rando…

Funny how random nights can make you realize A LOT of things. I have this love-hate relationship w/ Sunday nights. I love it, it makes me feel so comfortable.. It’s my favorite day and time of the week. But the aftermath of it is just too.. Heavy. Last night, I actually thought about what if’s.. again. The problem with me is that I tend to look back most of the time, causing me to stop moving forward, to question everything I have right now. I am happy, beyond happy. Everything’s going really fine, and I dont think I could ever ask for more (except for a new phone huhuhu lol). It’s just that.. I have this itch to resolve the unresolved. Maybe I can do it soon, maybe I can have the chance to make up for everything in the near future. But I guess, for now, I’d have to deal with this. 


And hello, you. you make me very, very happy 🙂 Thank you. You’re remarkably and indescribably amazing 😉 

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