Grad ball

Someone told me to post details about my graduation ball here, sooo.. Since I dint really update my blog about that night, here it is! Haha.

Last March 26, we had the Happily Ever After: 2012 Graduation Ball at the Dusit Hotel in Makati. It was really something I looked forward to. I searched for my ideal gown months before the event. Hahah! I had it done by Claiza Bihasa, and trust me, I was more than happy with the result! Anyway. The day started really weird. It was our Cards’ Out that day, and my mom got it for the first time in yeaaars! Hahaha. Went to GB for lunch and mani-pedi with my mom, stepdad and Xtel. After everything and all the stress, we had a VIP check-in (my mom loves express check-ins) in Dusit. After an hour of waiting, I had my make-up done and all. My other friends came after a while, too. But the best part of my grad ball was my Ball Team! HAHAHA. They were the same ones who were with me during the prom, my babies, Jacque and Jobelle đŸ˜‰ This time, they brought Scher along so I was too happy to see them! Finished really early, so we just waited in the room and ate and all. When I went down, the parents (HSPA) were panicking already cause there were some cross-dressers. HAHAHA but anyway, it was not very fun. I surprisingly got into the top 10 lalala, too (which is weird) . We sang our grad song for the last time (saddest moment ever) then at around 11 PM, the ball was done. I saw people at the lobby who just wanted to drop by to say hi (I was too touched HAHAHA). Sooo many things happened that night. Fiamma, sneaking some people in the rooms.. Too epic. HAHA. Cant even remember sleeping well. WHen I woke up, my mom was already at the hotel (thank God we dint have drinks in our room), then she brought all of us to the breakfast area. We swam a little then at around 11 AM, I had to leave already since we were headed to Tagaytay that afternoon for my uncle’s wedding the day after.

Prom was so much more memorable and productive and all, but the ball was

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