My living proof

I miss having wonderful nights. By “wonderful”, I mean staying up late with someone / people really close to me/  endless roadtrips / prom-ball-ish / slumber parties that would last until the following morning, and everything else. I’ve had sooo many wonderful nights, and I can still recall each one of them. The thing is, I love nights more than mornings/ daylights. It makes me appreciate the day that I had, the days that I’ve had. I haven’t had a sleepover in the loooongest time. Maybe because everyone’s busy, maybe because we’re just too caught up with our own lives that we can’t really attend to what will ALWAYS be important at the end of the day. Idk, out of the 100000 sleepovers I’ve had, the cook-til-2-then-eat-and-talk-til-5 nights are the most memorable ones. Also, I have this thing with hotels and planes and.. yes, stuff like those. Haha! I always love hotel nights with friends. I’ve had 6 sleepovers in a hotel w just my friends in HS (including prom and ball), and trust me, those were the 1-3 AM dangerous and wild times. But after 3, you get to rest and talk about everything with the people closest to you. And everything just falls into place. Everything is fine. I’m at my best.

I miss my friends 😦 I mean, my hotel buddies, sleepover buddies and sneak out buddies. I wish, I just wish, to have a few more wonderful nights before this year ends.

*December (Simbang Gabi nights) will always be adventurous for us. But still.. Hahahaha. I love adventures and endless talks and everything. Aaaaaah 


Such a random post lol 


2 thoughts on “My living proof

  1. Margaux September 11, 2012 at 9:28 PM Reply

    Hi! When was your gradball? Right after grad or a week after? Or something, when waa your graduation and gradball? Thank you! 🙂 blog abt it na rin! Hope you answer this

    • cheskac September 11, 2012 at 11:42 PM Reply

      Grad ball was 2 days after our graduation (March 24) I will! Thank you 😉

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