Got to have something that will keep us together

Hellooo! I’m back from my mini-vacay in SG with my grandparents and my uncle! Haha. It was actually a trip just for them (my grandparents), but I decided to come along ;;) Haha! But anyway, it was quite fun, actually. Being with them and my fave uncle. Not much of a big trip, but it was definitely productive. Soo, anyway. I was reading the book, “One Minute to Midnight” while I was in the plane last night. I looked like a crazy girl crying really hard over a book…. =)) Haha! Let me tell you why. The storyline really, really touched me in a way. I was supposed to make a book review and all, but I figured that it would be too.. Idk, bias? Haha.

But anyway! Moving on.. 1st term is officially over!!! Hahaha. Grades are out, and if my mom sees them, she would freak out. Well, not really. She’s not very strict with grades and all. She always tells me that I have my own standard, which is waaaay higher than hers. Haha! I just looove the feeling of fulfillment, you know? Not feeling that now, but soon enough, maybe I will.

Would it be really weird if I say.. I’m looking forward for next term? HAHA! I loove the subjects, plus, I kind of miss going to school regularly 😌 I love school! Hahaha. On the other hand, I’ll miss waking up at 8 or 9 or 10. Even if I’m having the luxury of getting up whenever I want, I still cant do anything productive. And i hate it, really haha!

Guess I must stop writing all my random thoughts blalalala. I should star tfixing my room, my closet, etc. my room will undergo renovation in a month, yay!!!! Hahaha. Sooo, will update this tonight or tomorrow for some serious posts. Hahahaha bye! xx



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