Happy Birthday, K!

Hello! Feeling mo ba nakalimutan ko =))) Hahaha!


I miss you terribly. Exactly a year ago, I made the most wonderful surprise for you ;;) LOL. Hahaha first time ko umeffort okay! The scrapbook and stuff =)) Haha. Sorry if I cant do that this time, too busy 😦 I promise I’ll make it up to you when you visit me! Plus, wala ako sa vid ni Anne 😦 Forgot to send her my vid and nung day na yun, I was doing something. Anyway!

Thank you for still trying to reach out every time. I know we really never had it easy, we always fight (I always make tampo hahaha). But still, thanks for trying to make it up to me UNTIL NOW. It’s been two years since I lost everything, every person that was important to me. But you’re still trying. Sooo, thank you 🙂 And thank you for always understanding my moodswings.. You know.. Haha!

You’re worth the pain and forgiveness, okay? You’re still worth everything. If it weren’t because of you, I’d never know who really cared about me. HAHAHA. And your first love? We saw each other sa DLSU, btw =)) LOL 

I hope we can see each other soon. I’m glad that I’ll always be the person who first loved you when you went to Scho. HAHAHA that’s true ah!! And believe me, up to now, all the headaches and silly things that you guys made are all worth-it. You are still the person who can make me smile in the middle of my officer-duties. Haha! Anyway, I’m sorry if I’m missing a lot sa life mo 😦 See you soon okay? I miss you!! I miss you all so much. SJ misses us too! (esp me ;;) ) HAHAHA! 

And hey, no matter what happens, you’ll always have me 🙂 I love you, K! Forever and always. Happy Happy Birthday! 🙂


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