While I was scrolling through my old photos in Multiply, I was tweeting some of it just for fun. Until I realized something: I have these two friends who have been there all along. My barkada’s a given. We’ve been together since the 4th grade. Xtel and Myc since the 2ndgrade. But the craziest group I have is JCT – Jacque, Me and Tasha.

We’ve been together looong before EK had the giant drop thing. We had sleepovers as early as the 5th grade (for me and J), we had Star City-2 night-sleepover as early as 6th grade (Jacque was in 5th grade then) Our adventures, for our age at that time, weren’t ordinary. We took cabs at 11 in the evening, we went to the ice thing in Star City at the mooost random times. Our parents would usually call each other cause 11-y/o kids still werent home at 10 PM! Hahaha. We enrolled together in CCP in 2008. Since then, not a summer season would pass where we dint have any epic adventure. We checked-in at Linden in 6th grade, drank Vodka Cruisers cause we were cool like that, locked ourselves out of the hotel room and went down the lobby with no slippers on. HAHA! Sometimes, I’d sleepover @ T’s when J isnt allowed then we’d crash her place and cook and stay there til 6 AM then sneak in T’s house again. Other times, we would to the opposite. Or often times, they’d come here and we’d talk about our lives all night. Every summer, we make memories- memories that can never, ever be replaced by the future summer parties w college friends or work friends. We had memories that can give us a good smile and nodding head in the future when we look back. Commuting to EK via bus and sleeping over at each other’s is quite ordinary to us. Haha!

I miss you, two. And I am happy that somehow, we can stil manage to catch up once every 2 weeks or at least every month. Know that you two are part of the very, very few people that I’d take a bullet for.

You gave me the best, and I mean, BEST, teenage and HS memories anyone could ever have.

Dear God, I have never felt this blessed. Thank You for giving me the BEST (and the most good-looking HAHA) set of friends anyone could ever have.

I love these two, two of my 5 bestestest friends in the whole wide world. Thank you so much, looking forward to bungee jumping and travelling the world and eating fire and skinny dipping with you! I love you so much 🙂


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