Very random..

I’ve been kind of busy lately to even update this thing.. I’m sorry. HAHA anyway..

Things are getting pretty tough. What with all the tests, projects + HS dramas + separation anxiety from my friends..  I often, as in.. often feel lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove my new friends so much. I enjoy their company, they make me very, very happy. But still, I’m looking for those people who I can trust everything with. This will pass. Things will get better, I just know it. This kind of sadness is very familiar to me. I have felt this several times before. But as I get older, I get more sentimental and emotional. Ugh, idk, I just miss how things were very, very simple back then.. But moving on.

Midterms next week!! I haven’t started with anything yet. How lazy of me :-< I spent the day with my good old friends ♥ Oh, wait. Let me say something very impt first: CONGRATULATIONS TO TASHA SIAPUATCO FOR PASSING THE ANIMO SQUAD + MAKING IT THROUGH THE HELLWEEK! I’m soooo proud of you! :”)  

Let me thank my mom also for buying me a new phone since I lost my iPhone a month ago -___- HAHAH. Thank you, mom, you are the best. This will be the last, I promise HAHA

My life’s getting pretty boring.. Kelly ( my very gorgeous friend ) and I talk about happily-ever-afters all the freaking time. And it makes me think that.. Well, is college really a place for boys or love, anyway? I feel like concentrating on orgs, studies,family and friends for now.. It has been years, and I really mean yeaaars, since I felt sooo in love and affectionate and attached to someone.. I just.. I dont know how that feels anymore. I am still a hopeless romantic, but the idea of being attached and committed to someone makes me off lately..

Yes, I am meeting new people. I have met a handful of Mario Maurer-gorgeous boys (I like chinitos.. Very, very much), good boys, atheletes.. etc. But something’s missing.. Is it just because I am not a fan of flaw-less people?? Haha kidding. But yeah.. Whatever. I’ll just go with the flow -_-

June was awesome.. and bittersweet. Met so many new friends.. Lost a handful of used-to-be impt people, but this month has helped me a lot. No, I am not expecting anything anymore. July will be better. It will get better. Every. Fucking. Day.


Thank you, June! You were very awesome! Bring it on, July!!!!!! ♥

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