When I gothome this evening, I received a message from one of my best friends, telling me how sad she was, how “homesick” she was.

We both realized that home isn’t really a place. Home might be a group of people or simply just someone. I never knew the meaning of “You’re my home” til now. I always found it cheesy. But well, it’s true. St Scho is my home. But without the familiar faces and the same spots, it wouldnt be home anymore.

I also realized how different my life is now. College life is fun, carefree, challenging. I meet new friends every now and then. I get to meet cute guys, friendly girls and potential life-long friends. But at the end of the day, I still run back to the people I consider my “home”. For instance, last Thursday, I got so uncool -_- I got very, very drunk with my new friends. Haha. When I was too dizzy to remember everything, when people were forcing me to drink some more (even if I couldnt anymore), a highschool friend got me from my group and endorsed me to another friend. She let me in her house.. She took care of me. I vomited all over the bathroom (gross, I know), but still, she gave me coffee and all that. My bestfriends picked me up from there and brought me home.
With that incident, I suddenly realized that no matter how hard I try to run away from the people who care about me the most, they will still be there when no one else can make it.

Home is not a place- this, I’m very sure of.


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