Last Friday Night

..was such a bliss cause I finally got to be with J and T!!!!!! ♥ Wee. Went to EK via Jac Liner bus and trike hahaha. We were soaking wet! The rides were postponed for.. like 2 hours. We ran around and walked and did everything under the rain. Rode all the main rides! Theeen.. We went home via BBL (?) bus =)) Hm. Took a shower at J’s, ate Sinigang (oh em. Yummy :(( ) then I went home at 11 to get my things! Got back at her house at arnd 1AM.. Played kinect and watched Because I Said So ♥♥ After lunch the ff day, I went home. Slept for a while then visited Papa in the hosp. He’s quite okay now yaay 😦 ☺ Ate @ Tomas Morato with Gab, Mika and Karlo afterwards! Had plans of sneaking-out for Mercato again, but we were too lazy 😦 


Today was such a lazy day. Buh-bye!



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