Of sunflowers, roses, cakes and cupcakes, greetings and thoughts

My day will be over in 2 hours. But as of now, I am nothing but thankful to everyone who greeted me. And of course, to my friends, who surprised me, for the first time.

My 17th birthday, so far, is the most simple but heartwarming. As of this moment, I have been surprised for 7 or 8 times today. When the clock struck 12, I received a phone call, numerous text message and then another phone call. It was Tasha. She asked me to go down. When I went down, she was there. And so was Jacque with a box of 14″ Yellow Cab pizza with “HBD” on it. And an ill board with.. Yes a greeting. Hahaha. I was sooo surprised. Of all my friends, these two are the laziest! Haha. I never expected them to make a huge effort. They slept over, too. So I woke up to Xtel’s call, and to Tasha and jacque beside me. Next, when I went to school, I dint expect that almost all of my blockmates knew. Somebody gave me a cupcake, too.. Hahaha. And theen, come break time, I went to Jacque’s and then to Tapa King. Xtel surprised me with a cake from Starbucks. After that, J and I went to Scho then at around 12 nn, I went to Ycab with my blockmates. I was sooo surprised when I saw Kaye and Ella by the door with a huge balloon and with a red ribbon cake. So happy I got to see them 😦 I attended my class right after that.

When dismissal came, I waited for Myc infront of the South Gate with X. I suddenly saw Dexter coming towards me. When the windows opened, Dee and Myc and Sam were inside. She asked us to come in the car, and there, Dee played her recording of a happy birthday song, etc. After dropping us to UM, I was surprised by SWF in Bonchon with a sunflower and with a box full of chocolates! Haha. The moment I got home, my whooole family was eating dinner. when they saw me, they greeted me with a cake (again) and with all of my fave food. Tilbe and Mau called after, asking me where I was. I told them that I could meet them at X’s place. I just expect3ed their presence. Nothing more. When I entered the room, a bouquet of roses and post-its were scattered on the floor. I never expected this too since they were sooo busy already.

I am so happy and contented with all the effort and greetings and.. Everything! I am more than happy, actually.

Thank you so much, friends. Thank you for making my 17th sooo memorable 🙂 Now, I can really say that I have the BEST set of friends!



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