You think youre cooler than me?

Okay, so maybe, I was wrong.

College isn’t that bad, after all. 

Last Thursday, I finally went to school! Haha. Weird. It felt sooo strange. I gained friends, we had brunch together. We were together durng our 3-hour break. It was all good, actually.

But you know, it feels weird to be sleepy during the afternoon.. Haha. So when I got home, I slept right away. And guess what? I woke up after 13 hours. HUZZAH hahahaha. Anyway………….


I had my fitting last friday for my braces (ohye). Then Myc and X slept over. We watched One More Chance cause.. Well.. Hahah. We cooked breakfast at 1 in the morning. I remember my tummy hurting cause we were laughing too much :’) =)) Haha. Honestly, I missed them. I missed talking to them about our regrets. (ew) :)) And I missed being with my old friends. The next day, Saturday, turned out to be the most memorable day of my life.


So let me tell you what happened! Gab came here at around 2 in the afternoon. I was soo desperate to see Leighton by then. I asked him if he had any connections with the PFW, and he said yes. We texted Mike, his bestfriend, whose girlfriend was part /  a model of the Grand Allure collection. We asked for passes, and she said yes! Sooo, I went there with Tasha and her sister, Ate Vina. Since we ran out of seats, we were standing while watching the show. A bouncer asked us if we were okay. We talked to him and we used our charms to convince him to bring us inside the main function room (where Impact by Penshoppe was happening). Fast forward…. We finally got in! And yes, MY DREAM CAME TRUE. Leighton Meester was like.. 3 meters away from and gooood was she daamn beautiful!! 😦 She was so simple and adorable and.. Oh. God. 

After that, I cried for 5 minutes then we fetched Ella (saw her whooole family, I adore them so much :(( ). Myc, X and NIcole met us here at home after! And so we had our “sleepover” haha. We dint really sleep, actually. We watched Something Borrowed, made videos, watched emo/comedy videos.. It was all about videos. Haha! We slept at 7 in the morning after laughing all night. ♥ I’ve never been this happy and contented and.. Everything.

Thank you, girls, for the week-end! You just made me realize, once again, that I dont need anyone to make me happy. I’ll keep in mind what you told me, I’ll make them regret 😉 Hahahahaha. 

Sooo, there. Everything’s good. I will go to the dentist for my braces tmrw (wish me luck) soooo, I’ll update this tomorrow night, as well! 


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