Summer 2012 (with a taste of Autumn)

Since my summer’s ending already, I can finally make a blog for it! Yay.

Summer 2012 was fun, spontaneous and exciting. But it was also like a routine. It wasn’t what I expected/ wanted it to be.

Summer, for me, started when the periodic tests were done. The Grad practices, ball and graduation were part of my summer since it was the “key” to the door out of HS already.

First of summer- I had a 2-night sleepover with my good, old GS barkada. I am nothing but happy whenever I’m with them. It was beyond exciting and fun. It was.. too precious for me. Haha! After that, the grad practices continued. I would go out with Myc and Xtel almost everyday since our dismissal was at 12nn. We would sneak out at night, sometimes, even in the afternoon HAHA. After grad and ball, I spent time with my biiiig, crazy family in Tagaytay for Gab’s wedding. It was soooo fun, too! Almost all of our relatives from LA and Aus came home. We have never bonded that much. We checked-in at Manila Hotel during the Holy Week since we werent able to plan an out-of-town trip. I would sneak-out from time to time with my friends during those days. Hahaha. And theeen.. The night before I left (Apr8), I finally had the ideal summer night (toooo cheesy hahahaha ohmygod). I saw sky lanterns, I was surprised. Petals all over the house, candle-light dinner, etc. I dint deserve it, it was too much. Haha, but moving on..  I left for Australia the day after. We did the usual stuff there- city, shop, mall, mom’s hospital, gym, house. We went to Gold Coast, too. It was okay.. Haha. It was great. My stay here was also memorable cause.. I finally had a summer crush. Hahaha. I mean, for me, it wasnt just the “summer crush” type, it was unforgettable. For the first time, I called someone “unforgettable” Hahaha.

When I went back here after 3 weeks, I fixed my papers + enrollment in dlsu, I went out with friends almost everyday, I ate a lot. Hahaha. I got to bond with sooo many people! That’s the most fun part of Summer 2012. I got to bring those old friends back. I finally fixed all the conflicts I had with them.

Looking back, I can say that Summer 2012 is definitely exciting and memorable and worth-it.

But, you know, I had no out-of-town trips, no 3-night stay at J’s, no beach trip here in the PH, no spontaneous roadtrips, no someone i care about enough to spend the summer nights with.. It was good and fun, but it wasn’t really the best. It was exciting, but it wasn’t good enough.

Hoping for a much better summer here in the PH (before I leave for good :-<) next year! Thanks Summer2012, you have been good to me. I had fun! ♥

Summer 2011 >> Summer 2012 >> Summer 2009 > Summer 2010

Hey you, you’re the highlight of my summer. Thanks for making me smile ☺

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