I was overwhelmed and frankly scared as hell cause I really fell for you

So, it’s a Saturday night. For the first time this summer ( I guess ), I am home. Hahah. It can get pretty lonely here sometimes. Tonight, it’s just me and the helpers. Everybody’s busy. I went out earlier, but I know no one to go out with tonight. I have friends, and I’ve been invited by some people, but I’m not really in the mood. I’ve been out til late-night for the past week. It’s fun, really fun. But sadly, something’s still missing.

I guess I expected too much. Summer 2011 was one hell of a vacation! It was.. the best. As in best. I thought Summer 2012 can still be sooo much better in some way.

Maybe the reason why I dint have so much fun this summer is because it wasnt adventurous at all. I didnt have any out-of-town trip with friends, no roadtrips or whatsoever. *sad life* Hahaha, 5 days to go!! Hoping for something good to come.

OH WAIT. God heard me. Finally going out tonight! Hahaha. Will update soon.


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