I’m worth it, I’m worth it

I found something really inspiring from WordPress again! Haha. I feel the writer.. HAHA


Sometimes, new love means breaking old habits. Sometimes you find yourself more at ease in relationships defined by inconsistency, anger, irreconcilable jealousy, and neglect, simply because that is what you have grown used to over the years. You grow complacent with the misery and heartache. Most importantly, you give up on yourself. When something accessible, consistent, warm, and altogether incredible comes into the picture, sometimes the hardest step is taking a deep breath, letting go of your tattered past, and taking that risk with something new — all the while repeating to yourself, “I’m worth it, I’m worth it, I’m worth it…” 


It’s a funny thing, meeting someone who makes you uncomfortable with how intensely they look at you, how far outside your comfort zone they take you, holding your hand and loving you the entire way. Before her, I was never able to look at someone in the eye and just say what was really on my mind. I was never able to genuinely remain calm and collected. I could never say the words, “I’m terrified of these feelings, but I don’t want you to think that I’m leaving.  I’m not going anywhere.” When you say those words — and truly mean them — that’s when you know that you’ve found something worth loving, worth bettering yourself for, worth fighting for.


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