Oh, you make me smile

So, I just realized that I haven’t updated this blog with my activities and whatsoever. Sooo, everything’s happening really fast. In 9 days, it will be my first day in college. In 2 weeks, it will be my 17th birthday.
May = fun and fast. But whyy, i dont want summer to end just yet! Huhu. Okaay here i go!

May 5- Glo with +94! We were only 7 since almost all of them were busy. Shakey’s and Timezone with mama, Namee, twins and Mikki! Missed all of them.

May 6 – Mass and Dadda’s condo. Finally had a girl time + girl talk with my very pretty dadda. I missed you so soo much 😦 🙂 Told her all positive and negative feelings I had. Thank you for being my pillow!! Love you 🙂

May 7 – Enrolled @ DLSU. Yay for having a very organized enrollment process. I did the 5 steps in just 7 mins. Wee! So amazed. Haha. Saw some people as well. Went to Taft with Xtel and friends!

May 8 – Bum. Hahaha. Spent the whoole day eating and watching -_-

May 9 and 10 – LPEP. It was okay.. Nothing really big nor special. Culture-shock like woah. Hahah. Not so excited for college….. Hmm.

May 11 – Townhouse blessing. Brought Xtel along! Instead of going to the blessing itself, we went to Rob first then went there just to eat. Hahah. Sleepover for the nth time! Had a great heart-to-heart with her (as always) ♥

May 12 – GH with Tita Clauds and X! Watched Dark Shadows with some friends, too. Aaah, sooo amazed. Not a fan of those kind of movies, but I was really impressed. Cibo’s spinach dip is still as yummy as ever. Went home kind of late though..

May 13 – Mothers Day. Since ALL restaurants and hotels were full, we had lunch @ dampa. Seafood, finally :((( Sooo yummy. Ugh. I remember feeling sooo dizzy cause i was too full. Hahaha. Slept the whole afternoon. What a bummm.

May 14 – Mik’s bday. Taft and DLSU! Went to her place with Mama Piggy! Brought her a cake, as well. Weee love you ster! 16 ka pa lang -_- =)) Haha! Got to be with Ate Bel, as well :’)

May 15 – PIG. Had a bad morning. I was forced to come to the office with Papa and Gab earlier. Soo, I stayed in the office for 3 hours. Good thing, I had a nice book in hand. We went to the condo then Rob! Ate @ Razon’s since I was already having tantrums cause of my craving for puto. Hahaha. Happy Lemon overdose, too 😦 Im such a pig ugh.

Sooo, you see, everything’s happening reaally fast lately. Later, I will be going to Izzy’s place cause it’s her bday! Then will fetch X and friends from their LPEP. Tomorrow and the ff days, I’m planning to meet up  with my good, old friends ❤

Summer, do not end just yet.
I need something epic to remember.

Please, just this time? 🙂



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