Summer after high school when we first met

Reason for the title: makes me remember someone who I just.. Hm the title speaks for itself AHAHA


Well, I guess I just have to blog other things to get those things off my mind. Haha!

Apr 22-26 ☺ :’) Aaaah. Joke =)) Haha! My mom, Karlo, stepdad, Jam and I went to Gold Coast for.. well, vacation. Haha. We went to Warner Bros, Wet N Wild and Sea World. We stayed in a super cool hotel for 4 nights, with Karlo being my roommate! Haha. I had fun, actually. Even if we weren’t a big group. My mom won a 7-day holiday in Thailand using the scratchies there, too! What is lucky! Haha :)) Sooo, there. Fun fun fun ☺ Went skydiving too! #19 in my bucket list is done wee :’)

Apr 30 – 12MN flight back to MNL! Aaaah ♥ Arrived at around 4 PM here in Manila (since we had a 6hr layover in SG). Went out with Jacque and Xtel later that night (clingy friends, I love you)! Had the best time / night with Jacque, too (since X slept early). Thank you, I miss you.

May 1 – had my medical for dlsu, got my grad pics, met some of my old friends and went to GH for X’s pre-birthday dinner! I had sooo much fun that day, super productive. ☺ Slept and drank the night away at X’s too! Myc and I surprised her with a bouquet of sunflowers at exactly 12 MN. Drank with them and Tita Clauds! aaah, never been that dizzy. I miss you, Myc!! =)) SABAW. had one hour of sleep!! Solid.

May 2- X’s birthday weee ☺ ♥ Went to some place with the two girls again, spent 600 FOR THE CAB going back home ( yup, inikot kami sa Manila okay!!), refreshed ourselves, then we saw each other again later that night. Went to Mercato, weee!! It was fun but expensive. Labo uy? Haha. P40 for an isaw isnt reasonable, right.. Hahaha. Went home at around 2.30 AM.

May 3- Had a decent sleep, FINALLY. Thursdate with my bestfriends. Watched Avengers @ GH!! Weewoo. I love you, two (yknow who you are 😉 )HAHAHA. Ate dinner at Vikings for my cousin’s celebration since she passed and topped the Chem Engineering board exam + got in University of NSW in Australia for her graduate studies! Im so proud, I love you, Vannie! ♥ 

May 4- Fridate with Ella bear. I missed her so much 😦 Met at Shang, ate breakfast at Milky and Sunny, went back to Shang, went to Mega and Podium for my milk tea *wink* , then Mega again! Had sooo much fun with you! I missed laughing and sharing and.. aaah, I love you to death, Thanks for being sooo patient HAHAHA :p Finally shared some of my deepest secrets, after weeks of not seeing each other! Yay thank God I finally saw you ☺ Had to commute going home since it was raining + Friday traffic. Took the FX going home ALONE. Weee, finally! Big girl na ko! Haha. 

PS: Indenial ako… HIndi talaga.. 😦 =)) I cannot accept it.. Hay. 😦 :)) 

Tomorrow, I MIGHT spend  my day with 94! Haha. My enrollment will be on Monday, and the LPEP will be next week, as well. This summer’s getting busy, I hope my kada will still have time to go to the beach *fingers crossed* Will update this as soon as I get bored again! Haha goodbye!



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