Let me just update you with what’s happening to me here in Melbourne to get my mind off silly and… Sensitive things. Mwaha.

I am officially broke! Sorry friends, no pasalubongs this time cause I had to splurge myself into buying clothes for college (ultimate excuse). Yes it’s true. I have 5 pairs of shoes around 7 bottoms, but sadly, I only have 2 tops. Although I ordered Supre online and it’ll be arriving in a day or two. But I still lack clothes!!! I am investing on basic ones- tees, tank tops, cardigans, flats. Mix and match 😉 Mwaha.

Our Gold Coast trip is in 2 days!! Aah ❤ We will be there from Sun- Thurs! Too psyched. Time will pass really fast, and 3 days after the trip, I am going home! Yipeeyow. Haha! Oh well. A total of 3 more shopping days for me! My $150 left should fit for everyone (4 peeps + Pau), chocolates and clothes. And that is the closest thing to impossible.. :/ So I've been thinking of ways on how to ask my mom for extra cash.. Nyahaha.

This week was really fast! We've bern to three DFO's, Chaddy, etc. Aaah idk man, I'm too psyched for Brisbane (Gold Coast) and MNL. I must sleep now. Shbam class tomorrow (my dream of being a dancer still exists, surprsingly)

Good night and adios

One thought on “Updates

  1. christellebadillo April 20, 2012 at 9:41 AM Reply

    Psst. Can you just imagine my reaction when i read this… =))

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