So everything that I was looking forward to are finished. Done.

I officially graduated from SSC-HS last Saturday, March 24. Surprisingly, only a tear was shed. Hahaha I was too hungry! But anyway, I will miss my home. I may blog about it months from now when I get nostalgic (yes cause that often happens). I had my grad dinner at Marriott Hotel with my family! Yes, 26 people came to my dinner HAHA. It was fun cause everyone was there , all the way from Aus and LA. Haha. Thank you, High School! Those 4 years will always be special and remembered.

The next day, we had a dinner with Tita Mika’s (Gab’s fiancee) family for her Despedida de Soltera. We met her whooole family! And I have never been that excited for them.

MONDAY! Grad Ball, weee 😉 I started the day by getting my card in ssc, which means I am  finally out of their league ( positive side ) hahaah. Almost all of my grades went up. Thanks to my study time during the periodic week! I had lunch with my mom, Tito Brian and Xtel at GB then after running a few errands, we finally went to Dusit. We had a VIP check-in, surprisingly! We purchased a big room since we were quite a number. Theeen.. the make-up artist arrived at around 3 PM… The rest is history. Just look at the photos in FB, twitter, instagram and yeahh.. =))Btw, thanks lesley for the super nice souvenir !! The night was sooo long! So many things happened from 12- 6 okay! My mom fetched me kind of early on Tues morning since we were bound to go to Tagaytay.

TUESDAY. We had dinner at Antonio’s in Tagaytay for Gab’s pre-wedding dinner again with Mika’s family. Otw to the said city, we rode a coaster bus HAHA. It was really fun and epic and memorable! We had chips (which was unusual since our family isnt really a fan of those), fruits and everything. The trip was exhausting, but it was all worth-it. The dinner was superb, too! We rested early for the big day.

WEDNESDAY. The day started early. We had to have our hair and make-up done before 1 PM since there was a photoshoot. It was sooo stressful!! But well, everything was fun. Hahaha. Fast fwd to the wedding itself, Gab cried when she saw Mika walk towards him while Marry Me by Train was playing. I almost cried, okay. I have this soft spot for weddings, proposals and all. I just.. aah ♥  The view was SOOOO beautiful ;-( I would love to get married there someday! Haha. The reception was really wonderful, too. I did not expect Gab to be that hands-on to their event. Anyway, I cried when the speeches started, esp when he hugged me really tight. Hahaha  I will miss you. Who am I going to text whenever I want food ;(Who will fetch me in case of emergencies.. Ohwell. I wish he knew how happy I am for him. ☺We went back to MNL at around 9 PM since I was really homesick =))

Today’s Thursday! It’s my rest day. I still have the ff errands to do before leaving – spa, DLSU confirmation, US interview sched!

I have to work on these before Tuesday next week! I will be leaving for Oz in 10 days! I feel so sad and excited at the same time since I know that I reaally deserve to have this far-far-away-I-need-me-time vacation after all those stress. See you, US of A and OZ ! I need a loong rest before my crazy college life starts 😉

That’s it for now! I’ll be updating you guys this week or maybe next week. XoXo



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