“They say good…

“They say good things can’t last, but we know, we can’t stay in the past.”

“New roads we have to take, new plans we have to make, all of these and so much more cause today we will soar.” 

While life keeps on throwing me blessings, happiness and all the positive stuff, it is also slowly taking something away from me. High school. In just 4 days, HS will officially be over. All the dramas and scenes will be forever gone. I am actually excited and sad at the same time. I am excited, happy and psyched to start all over again. To meet new friends, to adapt to a new life and environment, to forget the bad memories and the people I dont really want to be with me in my life’s next chapter. But somehow, leaving my 2nd home would not exactly be easy, would it. The easy exams, base 50 / 40, fun and considerate teachers, the whole-year round classmates.. Everything is/ will be gone. 


After grad, I shall say everything I feel. BBye for now!

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