The place where I belong

Last week, I have to say, was definitely one of the best weeks of my entire HS life. The week LITERALLY made up for all the lost time and the lost comfort I always find in these girls’ presence.


Our batch reco was boring (sorry). But the letters I made for some people finally released all my unspoken thoughts about them. Yay!


After a year, I finally got to be with my favorite people on earth again. I may have other friends out there, I may meet new people in college, but nothing beats the company of what you call HOME. I grew up with these people, I find comfort with them. Every single time. The 3 days, 2 nights we spent together will forever be remembered. It was really short, but every second was so worth- it. We had adventures, bad ass moments, we reminisced, laughed and cried about everything we went through before. These are the people who I can say have the most impact in my life. While I was with them, I realized that I needed my family and friends more than anything. Love, for me at this moment, is just a bonus. I would not actually categorize them as “friends”. ‘Family’ suits them more. I missed you, I’m still missing you. Months from now, we will all be heading to different roads, but if  any of you feels lost or broken.. Just turn around and look for the most familiar home you see. It will forever be there 😉

SATURDAY and SUNDAYImageMY BABY GIRL GOES TO PROM!!!!! Yay, thank you for making me a part of your special day 😉 I hope you know how special you are to me. Hehe. Helping and accompanying you is a great pleasure. I am happy that you had a wonderful night. Yay! Okay, may alalay na ko sa ball ko ;;) JOKE. But I promise you, wherever life takes me next year, I will be there for you on your ball and graduation day. And please, always, always know that for me, you were the most beautiful girl in that hall, and you will forever be my prom princess. Yes, I spoil you a lot. Hahaha. I love you, JJJJ! You will always be my baby girl, my sister, my bestfriend.. Everything ;)I love you!

Yes, I spent my week with the people I kind of lost in contact with for quite some time, but they are my home. They will always be the familiar color in my biiiig whole color wheel. My favorite week w/ my favorite people ever ♥

One thought on “The place where I belong

  1. christellebadillo March 22, 2012 at 8:23 AM Reply

    i miss you guys alreadyyy 😦 😦

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