The suspension “duties” I had were actually fun. Haha! As I was writing my journal awhile ago, I realized that I wasn’t realy the type of person who’d get in trouble or be suspended or be reprimanded or whatever. But this year, I had a looot of blessings in disguise. Mwaha. My mistakes were shallow, but what I get from those are unexplainably deep and fulfilling.

Anyway, I also realized a while ago that I have been keeping up with a lot of people for a long time now. What is wrong with me? I’m tired of understanding and adjusting to their needs. Why, I have my own needs, too. Ohwell. 1 month left! Aaah so excited and thrilled and sad all at the same time. I will finally leave the place that transformed me to who I am today. But at the same time, I get to leave and forget all the people who are worth forgetting. Mwahaha. Ohwell! The week was fast. 2 more weeks before the finals. Weee finally! Will blog again real soon!!


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