When we were in love, oh things were better than they are

On my way home, I heard the song ‘Smile’. That song brings back a lot of funny, stomach-turning memories. It really does make me smile. During Filipino time a while ago, as I lay on my chair, I thought about how fast things change over a period of time. From “You make me smile…..” to “Oh. Okay.”, from the little flirty smiles to the cold i-dont-care if you’re feeling thay way treatment.

What went wrong? Is it just me, or is everything slowly turning around? I do hope that this is not something really serious.
I just miss the chase, the little chase that happened. From “Pano ako babawi sakanya?” to.. “Sorry na.”
Isn’t it heart-breaking to realize that the chase is over? That sometimes, it isn’t all about smiles, happiness and butterflies. I’ve got to be patient and strong.

Everything will be fine.

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