I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow

This week = awesome.

My week started off really good, and I guess it’s ending the same way, too. Monday was terribly long and tiring, so we went to Cash (Mik, Steph and I) and we ate all the stress away. Otw home, I took a cab. And believe me, it was the WORST traffic I’ve ever experienced. From Taft to my house, it took me around 2 hours + it costed me 250++ pesos. Mwaha. But the driver was reaaally nice. Anyway.

Valentine’s Day was nothing but awzm ❤ I shall keep the details to myself. Mwahaha. Wednesday.. Well, it was a pretty “chill” day. We didn’t do anything really significant or whatevs. Same with Thursday. Yesterday, we watched Reporter’s Notebook, Dear John then we had our Physics photoshoot. We also watched Sinag last night. Yay for the performers! It was beyond amazing 🙂

Anyway. 2 weeks left. 11 more regular school days to go (minus 2, in my case, since I will be suspended mwaha). I shall make everything count.

I am sooooooo sooo so excited for March *burst into tears* Please God, let it be awesome.


Perio, Year-End blalala, Thanksgiving, Batch Reco, etc.

24 – Grad, 25 – Sofitel w fam, 26- Grad Ball/ Dusit 27-29 Tagaytay 31-Apr3 Bora w fam

Apr9 +++ Aus!!

FINAL WISH: Dear God, please move our flight / visa interview on April 16. I really want to go to Ate Quebby’s weekend on Apr13. Please? 😦 Love you Kuya!!

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!! Mwahaha. Happy happy kid!



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