Better & brighter

Feb 17, 2011

Heartbreaks do not necessarily mean that you got your heart broken cause of someone special. Sometimes, it could be cause of family, or friends. But when you’re lucky enough, you’d experience it all at once.

Tonight’s the eve of my worst day last year. It was reaaally fast okay. 12 months ago, I thought that I could never ever feel better again. I never knew that losing so many impt people could hurt that fcking much. I was sooo afraid to trust anyone. I was terrified of letting people in. I built big walls. Really huge ones. I rejected opportunities cause I was scared of risks.

But now, looking back, I realized that that event made me a much better person. I will always be grateful for that day. If that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be this strong and determined. I wouldn’t be this loving to others. I would still be a second choice or second best and whatsoever. I would continue to settle for less than what I deserve.

From that huge heartbreak, the most impt thing I learned is that I should always love myself more than anything. I should be treated well, and I deserve to be the only one, not a choice, not even an option.

Cheers to 2012! I’ve learned so much in one year. Grateful for everything. Time can really heal all wounds ☺

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