Two is better than one

Hello! As of my last post, I last talked about the long week-end. Well, it shouldn’t be really called a long week-end. Cause believe me, it was not long. Mwahaha. I had a really good week-end cause well.. Things are finally getting better! (generally) Yay for that! Haha. I remember sleeping for 12 hours last week-end. And daaamn, I never knew it felt that good 😦 Anyway. This week, given the fact that it’s just Wednesday, is actually turning out to be pretty good. I’ve been in a good mood for the past 5 days.. Hahaha. I wonder why. My hormones aren’t really acting up that much, I guess. Anyway!!

We have 13 regular school days left. What am I supposed to do with the 13 remaining “normal” recess and lunch breaks? High School Prod on Friday, suspension next week (wahaha yes, I forgot to mention that I will be suspended for 2 days just because 1. I had low socks 2. I did not have a clip on my hair 3. I used the GS Bathroom to look at myself) then LT week. And soon, it will be all over.

PATIENCE. I need patience. This, too, shall pass 🙂




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