Made a wrong turn, once or twice



Cards’ Out

I actually expected that my grades this quarter wouldn’t be that good. Almost all my grades went up, except for TLE, MAPEH and Eco! Hahaha. I just want to get out of all the academic stuff sooon.

Grad Pictorial

I didn’t really expect for a good make-up from the company, but they did it pretty well. The whole shoot lasted for 2 hours since the lines were long, but I think (and hope) almost all of our pictures were good enough. Yay! I enjoyed dressing up and putting make-up on and curling my hair. Haha!


We celebrated Nica’s birthday at Sofitel with the rebels! We went there at around 3 PM. It was actually really fun. I enjoyed the moments I had with Ella, the heart-to-heart with Steph, Kaye&Mikee, the little secrets withNica and all the fun with everyone! Too much food okay. hahaha. I also watched the sunset while drinking cocktail with Raven. Ah, good life! Haha. So many happenings. Went home at around 12 mn. I had fuun, rebels!! Til next time ❤



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