Lucky Week

Week 2: January 9-15

Whirlwind. The exact word that I can use to describe this week. So many things happened. Good and bad. More on good, actually.

DLSU. January 9

I’ve had visions of UST and ADMU as my university before. When I reached my Senior year, I only had one university in mind. De La Salle University. I will be there one day , I told myself. I swear. I will. Well, the unexpected (for me) happened. I got into DLSU. Upon inquiring, I passed in all of my choices. In short, it was pretty good. I’ve never experienced that kind of relief and assurance before. It was one of the bet days ever.

January 10

Miracles happen in everyday life. Fortunately, I passed my Physics and Math periodic test (which is quite unusual) for 3rd quarter. Idk how I passed Math, but my prayers worked. Hahaha. Yay!

January 11

☺ Yay. Hahaha. Happy happy day! Tiring but all worth it. Lit play! Haha. Passed out when I got home. -_- But it really was a special and a happy day ☺

January 12

Drained. Slept on almost every subj. burger Bacon Mushroom Melt !!!

January 13
GH with the rebels !!! Serendra with you ☺ Haha. Tiring. Long long day. All fun ☺
January 14
TAFT the whooole day. Haha. Hmmm. Ohwell. One of the best days of the month 🙂

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