The rainbow after the rain

As 2011 nears to an end, so many realizations popped into my head. This year was pretty amazing. It was amazing. It is amazing. Despite all of the pain, of backstabbers, of broken promises, of second chances, of being a second choice, of being not good enough, of failing things and of forgetting yourself along the way.. It was still awesome.

Everything started in January 2011. 3L’s retreat! Pretty much that highlighted my month. I never knew happiness could be that simple. Everything was okay, everything was perfect. the next month, everything became otherwise. The people who you thought would never hurt you will actually do. Reality slapped me. What the hell was I doing. I was not supposed to be there. I should’ve known that from the start. I should have 😉 I was all alone, at least that was what I felt. I was deeply scarred. I never thought pain could be that much. It was.. hard. I was more than what they thought. I could do better. Eventually, we all learn to stand after a great fall.

anyway. March came, things got a little better. With real friends around me, I knew I would never have to be alone again. with the end of the Junior year, I pretty much discovered who, in this crazy and deceiving world, were my real friends.

Summer was marvelous. It was the best summer I’ve had in years. 3 nights with Jacque, Subic w friends, Palawan and random check-ins at Sofitel’s suite with the fam, random dinner-outs, my birthday at Antonio’s, random out-of-town trips, getting a Tiffany necklace, having everything you wished for for your birthday,the 10-day trip in Oz, and soooo much more. It was THE BEST SUMMER. as of now. Haha. Everything fell into place, especially in my family’s aspect. Even if love for me was quite uncertain that time, it was all good. That was when I realized I didnt need someone special to make me happy. With my family and friends around me, it was all good. No disappointments, just pure bliss 😉


Senior year’s start was pretty rough. my academics were not really good, it was unusual. Having 2 or 3 line of 7’s for a quarter was REALLY bad for me. But somehow, I realized that more or less, I would be needing to experience those. to do better in the near future. To exert more effort. To give my best. as of now, it’s getting a little better. I just need to focus more.. and study more. Haha.

With my friends, everything’s okay. There were some bumps along the road, but we managed to fix everything. Family’s all good, I can sleepover anytime now. We’re happy despite the everyday chaos here in the house cause of my room’s cleanliness. HAHA.

This year, I lost people I used to love the most. I lost them, maybe for good, maybe not. I met them for a reason. and maybe, that reason is for me to be stronger. I should be strong enough to accept some realities in life. I should be strong enough to let go when it’s time to let go. I should be strong enough to move on and be happy again.

2011 also proved the cliche saying “There’s a rainbow after the rain” right. It was right. after the storm that came into my life, after it took away what I had, the people I had, I can now say that my life, again, is wonderful. Better. so much better 😉 even if little things get in the way of the rainbow I have right now, at the end of the day, I’m still happy. I still deserve to be happy. I have my own happiness now. and I can say that I have never been this happy and contented before 😉


2011 was challenging, life-changing, an eye-opener but it was all fun. With The One That Got Away playing on the background right now, I wonder.. will people feel the same way as I do.. will we keep on dwelling things that got away. Or shall we move on to a better life.

With the 5 remaining days of 2011, I’m sure that it will even get better. I’m ready to make it more meaningful.. Get ready, 2012. I will own the year.. Once again 😉


♥ CC

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