Of sports, of blindfolds, of family, of planes and of butterflies

One word that best describes me right now: Stunned.

Everything happened too fast for me the past week. Last Wednesday, I experienced the worst heartbreak ever. Losing your favorite thing on earth can hurt so much. Haha. But anyway.
Thursday and Friday, we had our last Intramurals. For the first time ever in my HS life, I participated in a sport. HAHAH. It was the best Intrams ever. With blue shirts everywhere, with smiling faces and with happiness in defeat, everyone surely had a good time. It was tiring, yes. It made me sweat like crazy. It made me want to just lie down on the ground. But one thing I am still sure of is that it was all worth it.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon, it was our week-end for Days already. I didn’t really feel like going. I was too tired, lazy, etc.. I wanted to watch a movie that week-end. Together with the 14 most wonderful people I’ve ever met, the crazy, memorable and challenging week-end began. With all the bad words, stressful commands and the shameful comments that were thrown upon us, we all learned to lean and depend on each other. The blindfolds made us curious about what’s happening around us. The nights made us eager to look forward for the next sunrise. Everything made sense. Everything was worth it. We had a set of parents which made us feel so safe and secure. It was unforgettable and abysmal. The Days high will not end because of them ♥ They made me open up my walls again, even if I’m so scared to let people in. I just wish I could spend time with them later. I wish I was there ☺ 😦

Yesterday was my outbound flight going here. I will be here in Oz for 12 days. I need a rest, a break from everything- school and stress. I was alone for the whole time. Inside the plane and in Changi airport. I suddenly felt that I was really growing up. I felt so mature and independent. On the two flights I’ve been in, the crew let me sit on the business class section. WAHAHA. Just because they pitied me, I was alone and I looked like a helpless kid. Lol. It was fun and memorable. Everyone assisted me on the ground airport.
It’s Spring time here, but the temperature is still at 14-16 degrees during noon time. But anyway, the heater is on right now. And contrary to that, I am wearing short shorts and a tank top. HEHE. Hmmm.

Being here, being away from everyone makes me over-think like crazy.
Overthinking kills. I’m being so paranoid here.. Oh well. Trust trust trust. It will make me okay. It will make me feel better ☺

Everything will be fine and perfect.. I just feel it, I will make it that way ☺

♥ CC

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