I wanna be forever young

Hello! i just realized that I haven’t blogged for quite some time. Well, besides having the worst report card of my life last month, everything’s fine and happy and peaceful ☺
Well since my last decent post was after my birthday, let me start updating you with the aftermath of my OZ trip.

Hm. June and July were really confusing months for me, for I was still unsure of so many things. I went to school a week late, and I had a hard time adjusting to new things. Little by little, things started to fall into place, not in a perfect way, but in a challenging way. With others’ opinions hindering you from something that makes you happy, mixed signals from that someone and inconsistent thoughts of my mind, I still managed to find my way through it all. I finally realized who my true friends really were; they’re the ones who’d support you and accept you and still love you unconditionally. They might say things that you might not really like, but it’s all for the love they have for you.

On the other hand.. for the reason of my real happiness right now.. This was what happened.
With all our funny stories, dark secrets, subtle hints, endless laughs and comfortable company with each other.. I somehow found myself falling inlove with someone I never thought I’d even like. Don’t get me wrong, I just thought that this person was supposed to be my friend. Someone I could run to when something’s wrong. But as each day passed by, the affection and care I felt grew slowly, and I still didn’t acknowledge it. I denied it to myself, to everyone else. Not knowing that it would only make things unbearable.
To cut the story short and to keep the sacred story private, with luck and chance, I am now smiling everyday.. I took the risk, and I will forever know that this is worth it. This will be worth it. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, in years, actually. And for the first time in a very very long time, I think I’m ready to give my all, to sacrifice anything, and to risk it all. ☺ ♥

Anyway, for the school part.. well. I love 4c! Even if sometimes, issues cant help but rise cause girls are everywhere hhaha. My grades are nooot not not really good, but as of last friday, I am starting to feel that the old me is slowly crawling back HAHA! I will ace the second sem, I promised God. I promised my Mom.

Things are reaally, really well right now despite of the unending stress we are all feeling. Thank you God for all of these. I couldn’t ask for anything more (except for good grades).

Will keep this updated more often now. Be back soon! ☺


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