First Day of Summer 03/19/11

First day of Summer! 🙂

I wasn’t able to say goodbye to 3L yesterday just because I felt it wasn’t the right thing to do. We still got many plans. First last day na hindi ako umiyak =)))
This year is just so bittersweet.

With all those stress that the hand-outs and notes and books —>
gave me, I deserve to rest. 🙂
Anyway, I’ve so many plans today, but I was too lazy to go out. So I’m actually spending my first

day of summer at home. Doing these stuff ->

HAHA Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and FB all day long! I actually need to rest. Since I’m going out tonight with my cousin, and considering the fact that for the past 3 Fridays, I’ve been coming home reaally late, I better stay home. HAHA. K. So far, I’ve got plans in mind for this month. On Monday, I’ll go to school and fix my clearance, requirements, etc. Tuesday, Tagaytay with Jacque and Tash. Wednesday, Kat’s birthday!! 🙂 Friday, Meltdown with Jacque andd it’ll be my cousins’ graduation. On the 28th, we’ll be sleeping over at A Venue Hotel for the ball. Then on April 1, Fontana with friends yay! I’m not so sure if we’ll be going to Bora or Palawan on the 10th.. But anyway.
If ever our visa gets approved, I’ll be going to the USA on the 23rd of April til May 16 ! Yayy. If not.. Then I’d rather go to Aussie again :”> Hehe. I need sleep, rest, happiness aaand exercise this summer.
I bet it will be one great, memorable summer ! Be with me, guyss. Let’s go out. Haha, too much of drama posts. I’ve got this season in hand 🙂

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