I have learned to live my life beside you
Maybe I’ll just dream of you tonight
And if into my dream you’ll come and touch me once again
I’ll just keep on dreaming till my heartaches end

I don’t really know what’s going on with the world. One second, you thought that person would be worth all those pain. Then the next, you never knew that what she did was possible. it’s not that I don’t want to fight for this anymore. Truth be told, I really want to. But with the change of attitude people go through, it’s hard to put your heart in risk again. If all the blame, pain and those shits are thrown to you, what does that leave you with? Did that person respect you? No. I believe that if you really want that kite, even if the wind is blowing it away, you’d still chase it. Cause you want it, even though you know it’s going to rain in awhile. You’ll get it, simply because you want it. And the rain would pass. And maybe, you can still use it. In my part, I am the kite. I am currently being blown by all kinds of people away from that person. Even her friends. Even her closest friends, the ones I never even thought I’d talk to. They noticed the change, they’re part of the wind that blows me away. But if she really wants me, she’s going to make a way, that’s what I always think. She’ll jump through those highest walls, pass through those steep bridges and finally find a way home.. back to me. Cause right now, all I’m feeling is anger. Frustration. Disappointment. I can’t feel pain. I can’t feel something close to that. Yes, I know I made my mistakes. But are you selfish enough to just think of your fucking self reputation? When some of your friends, your close friends.. They don’t know if they still want to hang with you cause they all told me you’ve changed? That you already have a windy aura? The most painful part is some people told me that you used me for fame or whatsoever. I never cared about that. I don’t believe that actually. But you know what? If you’re not really willing to fix this anymore, so do I. And someday, I’ll be so much better than you have ever imagined. And when I walk into that room, youre going to fucking regret all those things that you said, the things that you did, and you’re going to regret all of those especially the moment you see me smile.. not because of you.

Cause I’m not going to be here forever. If you choose your new you and your very cute pride, go ahead. Maybe someday, you’re going to realize that youve gone way too far from where you’ve started. I hope that makes you happy. Leaving and getting me 3x was hard for me and easy for you.
But this time, I’m going to make it hard for you. Hard for you to stop regretting and hard for you to see me smile because of you.
You know what? You are such a stranger. And if you can;t find your way back to your old self, you ain’t going to find a way back to me too, kid. gdluck with your life. And when I feel so much better already, that’s when it will all sink in to you. Hah, note to the next girl you’ll be with/text/flirt with: I’m still luckier than you cause I got to know her when she was still the sweetest Id ever known. 🙂

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