My Bucket List

Few weeks ago, Izzy was telling me that I should do a bucket list. Basically, a bucket list is a list (obviously) of things you want to do before you die. Not want, but MUST do before you die. I created my 45 MUST do before dying. It’s kind of hard to think tho. But let me share it with you. Here it is ☺

1. Go to all the continents of the world. (I love travelling)
2. Be a DL in college.
3. Get into a prestigious university.
4. Get at least 84 and above on the 3rd and 4th quarter of my 3rd year or next year.
5. Be a doctor.
6. Try teaching in St Scho. (Kahit 1 yr lang)
7. Get married and have Canon in D played during my first dance. (Izzy and I dream of this so much ♥)
8. Make up for all the mistakes I’ve done before. Or, get closure on all my hurt, grievances and unhappiness of the past.
9. Ride the scariest, highest roller coaster in the world.
10. Go skydiving- the highest possible.
11. Throw a coin into the Fountain of Love in Rome.
12. Have a picture with (hm, seeing them in person’s also fine) Leighton Meester and/or with Blake Lively. (I’M GOING TO DO THIS REAL SOON).
13. Learn how to play basketball.
14. Achieve my ideal weight before 20 years old (42 kgs or 92.4 lbs)
15. Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef!
16. Ride on a hot air balloon in New Zealand 😉
17. Finally climb on top of Harbour Bridge in Sydney.
19. Write a book. Books, rather.
20. Pursue what I really love. rather, discover and do what I really want. Hm.
21. Go to Europe. Well, that’s number 1. But I mean, see all the things that are worth seeing there.
22. Watch the sunrise with the person I love ♥
23. See the northern lights.
24. Cut my hair really short. Boy cut.
25. Go swimming with the dolphins.
26. Create / build my dream house ♥
27. Conquer my biggest fear. (Yep, cats.. Someday)
28. Fly first class.
29. Fly in a helicopter.
30. Go on a cruise. A first class Europe/ USA cruise.
31. Watch the sunset in Ayers Rock in Northern Australia.
32. Ride a camel in Egypt.
33. Visit the Grand Canyon, Notre Dame Cathedral, Great Wall of China and Taj Mahal.
34. Visit all of the fifty of the United States.
35. Read all of Shakespeare’s books.
36. Get a Masteral Degree in a prestigious university and get a PhD in a university abroad.
37. Have a book with a “#1 New York Times’ Best Seller” on its cover.
38. Have my honeymoon at The Plaza Hotel in NY ♥ (If my mom did it, why wouldnt I?)
39. Own a penthouse on 5th Avenue.
40. Own a beach house.
41. Go on a 1 month retreat ALONE in Tibet.
42. Go paragliding somewhere near Mt Everest.
43. Have a write-up published in the newspaper
44. Have a great family.
45. Enjoy all these moments and believe in my dreams ♥ 🙂
<br /

Last but not the least..

Have someone who can make me feel infinite and who can value me and give me what I deserve. Not really demanding, but.. You know, it's nce to feel special every once in a while 🙂


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